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The most accurate depiction of the press I have ever seen

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have we started calling shrek fans “brogres” yet

do they have conventions

shrek has fans?

do you even go on this website

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There is children starving in Africa

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Lupita was recently named the most beautiful by People’s Magazine, and some of their readers expressed their dissatisfaction with this decision in the comment section. One reader even commented that Lupita didn’t deserve this title because she’s 100% black(she finds women unattractive if they’re 100% black). These comments made me think of the brilliant post made by radicalrebellion

White women (non-black women of color included in this as well) become offended and angry when a black woman (especially a dark skinned black woman like Lupita) is depicted as beautiful and worthy of appreciation because it jeopardizes their position as the epitome of beauty and womanhood. Black women are viewed as the antithesis of White beauty and womanhood, these white women are completely apathetic and silent when dark skinned Black women are portrayed as “ugly” and “unlovable” by the mainstream media because they benefit from this oppression. That’s why you never see white supermodels discussing racism and colorism in the fashion industry. However, these readers wouldn’t complain if it were light skinned black women like Halle Berry, Beyonce, or Rihanna (we all know why, hint: colorism). Anyway, congratulations to the ***flawless Lupita for being named the most beautiful!  

This is why this is important.

Lupita is quite literally flawless, and her lipstick is always on point.

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Freeza’s immediate henchmen are tropical fruits:

Kui - kiwi

Zarbon - pomelo fruit

Dodoria - durian fruit

Appule - apple

…and the Ginyu Force are dairy products!

Ginyu - gyunyu (japanese word for milk)

Jeice/Jheese - cheese (chiizu -> jiisu)

Burter/Butta - butter (baataa -> baata)

Recoome/Reacoom - cream (kuriimu -> rikuumu)

Guldo/Gurd - (yo)gurt (youguruto -> gurudo)

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43 Tumblr Comments That Make You Go “Hmmmm”

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More like when you see your wife comin at you with a golf club

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